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Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continually Create Heroes!

IT Maturity provides tools and training to help enterprises methodically and continuously create heroes (i.e. enable individuals across the enterprise to achieve, excel, and interact effectively). Training and tools cover both hero creation from a technical skill perspective and an organizational interaction perspective.

As an example, IT Maturity’s ITMM Search tool allows users to collect Links, Search tools, RSS Feeds, and other data related to their areas of expertise, in one place, that can be shared with other experts in their area. This helps users become technical heroes. (See below: Examples - Business Comparison.)

Use IT to Mature your Enterprise!

Just as effective processes were built for software development years ago, IT Maturity has created an effective set of processes around business enhancement. This allows IT departments to focus on accelerating the business as opposed to commodity software development activities.

This evolves IT and the broader enterprise into focusing on how technology can be used to impact and improve business function, and also further to how IT can be used for the maturation of the larger enterprise. This perspective allows the construction of “Leadership Media/Enterprise Media” analogous to “Social Media” that is directly applicable to Enterprise Communication. (See below: Examples - Business Comparison.)

IT Maturity Introduction

  • Examples
    • Business Comparison

      Business Comparison is one of the more innovation focused IT Maturity tools. It utilizes the a Business Functions Map which is a high-level map of all of the business functions that an enterprise does. 

      biz func map2

      The Business Comparison tool creates automated search tools around employee login pages so that whenever employees log in they see links to all different types of searches associated with the business function they are responsible for (e.g. patent searches, book searches, web page searches, academic searches, and product searches). See ITMM Search as an example of a combined search tool focused on specific topics/business functions.

      Employee usage of the links could also be tracked. Additionally, links to internal innovation process flow sites can sit next to the search links so that employees can input ideas for improvements along with following associated process steps for bringing those ideas through to fruition. Employee usage of the innovation process flow links would be trackable. In this way, processes are built to concretely bring all employees into the activity of enterprise improvement.

      The Business Comparison tool just described, along with other IT Maturity tools, help insure that each employee is methodically and continuously developed in the direction of becoming a hero.

    • Usage Tracking
    • Leadership Principles
  • Getting Started
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